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Electron beam irradiation is a process whereby products are exposed to sources of ionizing radiation which cause chemical, not nuclear, changes similar to other conventional cooking or preservation methods. It has been approved for use on a variety of human foods and provides a means for reducing disease risk. Extending this process to animal feed and feed ingredients will not only increase the safety of the feed for the animals consuming it, but to people who handle animal feed and feed ingredients.

Put into effect April 10, 2001, the FDA approved treatment of bagged complete diets, packaged feeds, feed ingredients, bulk feeds, and animal treats and chews such as rawhide and pig ears to prevent microbial infection in handlers of the feed and animals alike. Major benefits result from the treatment of animal feed and its contents include, but are not limited to, decreased pathogenic content in the human food chain supplied by the animals consuming the feed, decreased amounts of antibiotics necessary for farmers and ranchers to keep their animals healthy, increased food handling safety for the humans who care for these animals, and a marked decrease in the build-up towards antibiotic resistance in bacterial strains such as Salmonella and E. Coli, which could lead to a bigger human problem in the future.

Best of all, animal feed treatment is a cheaper alternative to high-cost items like antibiotics, quarantine, and, unfortunate loss of parts or all of the herd.

SADEX Coproration uses only proprietary E-beam technology to treat animal feeds and feed ingredients, while not depleting the customer-desired nutritional value for their products.

We strive to serve your every need as a feed and feed ingredient manufacturer, therefore should you have additional questions about the treatment of your specific and unique products feel free to contact us at

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