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Dear Visitor,

harlanWelcome and thank you for visiting the SADEX Corporation's website!

Our mission is to improve both the human and animal food supplies by making the products involved safer, extending their shelf life, and exterminating harmful pests and bacteria from them.

Utilizing proprietary electron beam technology driven by electricity, SADEX strives to provide the most environmentally safe method to increase the safety of the food supply for our family and yours. When the switch is off, the radiation is off. There is no waste--toxic, radioactive, or otherwise. As consumers ourselves, we realize that without a community to build our business around, we have no business at all. Therefore the safety of our system, and of you the client is of utmost importance to our corporation.

As the client, we feel that we are dependent on you and your business. You are our purpose for work, and you are doing us a favor by giving us your business. As the customer you have many unique needs and wants for your business, and our goal is to fill those needs as best we can, while improving your overall profitability. To meet both our goals, we strive to provide you with the most courteous and expedient service available, as you are the lifeblood of our business.

Since our inception our goal has been to provide the best services possible, and we know that starts with earning the trust of you, the customer. I now invite you to begin your tour of the SADEX Corporation website, which can be navigated from the control bar located at the top of the screen or using the folders on the left sidebar. At this time, I would like to give special attention to the "Our Process" and "Our Services" sections of the website, as they can respectively provide you with the knowledge of how our process runs and a strong list of products treatable with e-beam technology. We hope you contact us with any questions you may have, and continue to visit our website as our relationships evolve.

Thanks again for your interest in SADEX Corporation!

Harlan E. Clemmons
President and COO
SADEX Corporation

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